Find your customers

where they are most engaged online

using our premium cross-platform products and tools

Audience targeting

Find your customers where they are most engaged online. Platform uses aggregated user browsing behaviour data and classifies it to specific online audience segments. These profile segments form ad products a client can inlcude in media campaigns.

Create brand or product awareness through high reach on relevant websites stimulates consideration and purchase intent with high impact on target group with engaging ad formats targets your potential customers at one place without unique users overlap minimizes budget waste

Target Users by Behaviour

Measure and Optimise

Premium Environment

Performance display

Ad network marketing vehicle based on premium display inventory and performance price model. Suitable for all goal oriented or performance campaigns.

  • Boost your sales and ROPO effect
  • Aggregate visitors with real interest to your offerings
  • Optimize brand campaign with performance twist
  • Pay only for action, not impression
  • Avoid or minimalize accidental clicks
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Exclusive mobile ad units. Reach your mobile audience with our unique and highly engaging ad units. More than just banners, RVM offers a range of high performing ad units to meet your campaign goals.

  • Innovative ad formats that are created keeping user's interest in mind
  • Seamless and Easy Integration across Mobile Web and Apps
  • Screen adaptive technology
  • Full control on creative optimization with powerful analytics
  • Ready to use Ad templates
  • Interactive elements at your disposal to create engaging ads
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Ad network marketing vehicle based on premium online video inventory. Connect to new customers with video advertising on top publisher's video inventory. Re-use your current TV ads and run them online for an integrated campaign.

  • Have your TV ad shown inside online video content on top website
  • Run effective and integrated campaign
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Create interactivity and user interest
  • Boost ad recall rate for your campaign
  • Have up to 50x bigger CTR compared to display campaigns
  • Have effective postby measurements and analytics for video ads
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AdFlight RTA

AdFlight RTA with the power of 3rd party solutions allows advertisers to connect to all major ad exchanges, ad network, SSP’s, publishers that are in RTB ecosystem. Programmatic media buying combined with retargeting helps you ensure that engaged customers are exposed to the most effective advertising in real time.

More control over the performance of the campaign, more efficient spending and better, more targeted results, pay only what an impression is truly worth.
Synchronizing the delivery of specific messages to specific audiences based each Web user’s demographic profile and online habits.